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About Aqariya


AQARIYA Trading Investment Company was established in the year 2004, as a limited public shareholding company operating in the field of real estate development and Investment. Taking into consideration local and international real estate market trends, AQARIYA mission is tailored to introduce new affordable real estate investments for local, regional and international Palestinians.

Scope of work:

AQARIYA main framework will be concentrating on serving its clients with state of the art real estate solutions in affordable housing, lands and other consulting services, through building a professional real estate staff specialized in real estate sales, marketing and after sales services.


AQARIYA ensures short-term success and future development, through creating a bundle of real estate solutions that creates the balance between an income generating and growth opportunities modules, to be able to ensure short-term success and long run future developments. Generating a comprehensive understanding of the local market and understanding local market needs had led us to design the suitable solutions tailored to fit every client investments.


Our main strategy is to give high attention for the local market needs. This approach is the foundation of our exceptional long term growth. We deal with every individual investment as our own value-proposition, to create a powerful portfolio. With experience and insight, we seek to reveal the true value of unique investment opportunities.

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